Frequently Asked Questions

What removal method is best, Sugaring or Waxing?

Both methods are as effective as each other, some people with sensitive skin prefer Sugaring and Sugaring is better on facial hair. Some clients prefer waxing and it is just preference to which method the client requires or has experienced in the past so please state at the time of booking your appointment what method you would prefer for your hair removal. Over time if you have your body/facial hair sugared or waxed regularly the removed hair will grow less as the follicles weaken as well as the hair becoming softer.

How often should I sugar/wax?

Typically every 3 – 4 weeks. Sugaring/waxing allows us to remove hairs as short as 3mm although we recommended that the hair be between 3 – 5mm for the best results.

How sanitary is sugaring/waxing?

Very!! There is NO risk of cross contamination because we use only pure sugar paste with clean, gloved hands. It can be applied in the traditional ball of sugar method and flicked off removing the hairs from the roots or applied the same as waxing below and removed with disposable paper strips.  It’s so clean and pure you can eat the sugar right out of the pot. Again with wax, it’s used straight from the pot and applied using gloved hands and a spatula and removed using paper strips which are disposed of after each treated area.

Can I tan right before or after I sugar/wax?

Please allow 24 hours prior to and after sugaring/waxing before you tan. If you have sunburn, we won’t be able to treat that area, as your skin is more sensitive and could cause excessive irritation and problems after.

Can I go swimming to the gym?

Working out before your sugaring/waxing appointment is fine, but please rinse off and cool down before coming in for your appointment. It is best to wait 24 hours after treatment to work out as your follicles are open and sweat and dirt can add to skin irritation.

Will I get in growing hairs?

No, not everyone gets in growing hairs but as hairs get weaker, you can become more prone to a few now and then. The best way to stop any from occurring is to exfoliate 3 – 4 days after treatment and then continue every week 2 – 3 times. In addition, by using a good moisturiser after bathing/showing will also help to keep the skin soft and help the hairs push through the skins surface.

Will my medical condition mean I cannot have treatment?

A full medical consultation is taken before treatment can commence and if there is anything that is deemed a contraindication to the treatment then this will be discussed at the time by a qualified practitioner. Written permission from your GP may be required in certain circumstances.